Digital Tower

Searidge: Leading the Way

Searidge has been providing remote applications and remote tower services for over ten years. We spent the early years convincing customers that this was the future of air traffic management. It was a long, hard road, but today Searidge has successfully proven its vision and technology with some of the largest remote/digital deployments and projects in the industry.

Global Acceptance and Adoption

HIA: Doha

Digital Tower

VGO: Spain

Remote Tower

MLA: Malta

Remote Apron & Full Surface Surveillance – System Upgrade

CEQ: Cannes

Cannes Helipad Surveillance System

LGA: Delta Air Lines

Virtual Ramp

HKG: Hong Kong

Digital Apron & Tower Management

SHA: Shanghai

Digital Tower Lab

SYD: Sydney

Digital Aerodrome Services Program + DAS Lab

LHR: Heathrow

Traffic Lighting Automation

HKG: Hong Kong

Digital Apron Trial

HKG: Hong Kong

Digital Tower Trial

SIN: Changi

Digital Smart Tower

LHR: Heathrow

Digital Smart Tower

ORY: Paris Orly

Remote Aerodrome Surveillance

BUD: Budapest

Digital Contingency Tower

CDG: Paris Charles Du Gaulle

Remote Apron

FLL: Fort Lauderdale

Virtual Apron Tower

DOH: Doha

Taxiway Lighting Automation, Remote Apron

OAK: Oakland

Remote Apron

DXB: Dubai

Lighting Automation, Remote Apron

YUL: Montreal


SEA: Seattle

Remote Apron & Non-CoOp Tracking

MLA: Malta

Remote Apron & Full Surface Surveillance

DFW: Dallas Fort-Worth

FAA Staffed NextGen Tower

AUH: Abu Dhabi

Remote Runway Surveillance

Most Advanced Digital Tower Solution

  • Open Data Integration and Processing Platform
  • Panoramic Views
  • Most Advanced Video Stitching/Processing
  • AI-Enhanced Tracking and Detection
  • 3D Map with Augmented Reality
  • Intuitive HMI – ICWP
  • Flexible Display Configuration
  • Intelligent Video-Based Safety Nets
  • Video Analytics to Assist with Managing Traffic in a Video-Based Environment
  • Hardware Agnostic System Architecture (modular and scalable) 
  • Extensive ATC & Airport System Integration Experience
  • Support for Multiple Concepts of Operations
  • Largest Number of Global Users
  • Support from Tender to Certification

One Size DOES NOT Fit All

The reality is that a Digital Tower can be whatever an airport needs it to be – from a turnkey solution that replicates operations more cost-efficiently, to something underpinned by industry-leading AI that addresses complex and specific operational challenges. Almost anything is possible if we allow ourselves to explore what this technology is really capable of.

Perhaps you want to REPLACE an ageing tower to save on maintenance?

Maybe you need a cutting-edge control facility for a new or GROWING airport?

Maybe you’re looking to create a CONTINGENCY facility, so your airport can keep running at full CAPACITY, even if your main tower is out of action?

Or to move a tower to make it more SECURE, or free up valuable space?

Or you’re looking to UPGRADE a tower to handle more traffic?

No one type of digital tower can meet all these needs

That’s why Searidge Technologies has created five models, each designed to address a different challenge, all operating on the same software platform.

Model 1: Digital Tower in Tower (DTnT)

A tower within a tower to operate a small airfield remotely from inside the tower of another ‘parent’ airport.
  • Ideal for the rapid/cost effective roll out of remote operations of a small satellite / adjacent airfield from within an existing ‘parent’ control tower
  • The desk mounted immersive video display provides direct view of the secondary airfield and circuit
  • The DTnT controller workstation can also work within one of the other digital tower facilities;  for example, when the parent tower is moved into a digital tower facility itself.
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Model 2: Remote Digital Tower (RDT)

A fully digital control tower for a single runway airport, which can be either on or off-site.
  • Ideal for the replacement of a traditional control tower facility (including remoting) of a small airport
  • Typically single runway, less than 2000m runway length and with a small number of controller working positions
  • The video wall provides shared overall situational awareness of up to 360 degree of airport surface/traffic circuit
  • Each controller is provided with a desk mounted personal, UHD capable, immersive video display, enabling them to use PTZs and select layers of information, such as video tags and picture in picture
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Model 3: Remote Digital Tower Plus (RDT+)

A fully digital tower for more complex, mid-sized airports which require more cameras and screens. Can be operated within the airport or from another site.
  • Ideal for the replacement of a traditional control tower facility (including remoting) of a medium sized regional airport.
  • Single or multiple runways, greater than 2000m runway length and with several controller working positions (runway control, ground control, planner/supervisor, delivery positions)
  • Multiple video walls to provide sufficient detail for multiple controllers, each controller equipped with role-specific UHD desk mounted displays
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Model 4: Hybrid Digital Tower (HY-DT)

A hybrid digitized tower, ideal for upgrading and extending the capability of an existing physical tower at a larger airport by incorporating camera feeds and screens.
  • Ideal for the upgrade of a physical control tower or airport expansion at a large, multi runway / terminal airport
  • Enhanced controller views by bringing previously unseen detail of their geographical area of responsibility direct to them via their own, desk mounted, immersive video display
  • Integration with ATM systems to enhance the data available to all controllers
  • Provides additional application-based support tools
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Model 5: Hub Digital Tower (HB-DT)

A fully digital tower, perfect for replacing a physical tower at a major, multi-runway, multi-terminal airport, or for creating an equally capable contingency facility.
  • Capable of the same or greater ATC service delivery as the extant physical control tower
  • Distributed camera installation locations allow for main ATC tower like views and auxiliary views providing additional visibility of areas such as distant concourse stands
  • Bi-directional integration of ATC systems enables data-rich DT displays at the CWP and video wall and allows for consolidation of existing CWP systems into one integrated DT CWP
  • The open Searidge data integration and processing Platform enables data sharing between various aerodrome stakeholders, for example ANSPs and airport operators, through a single cyber secure data backbone
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No matter what type of airport you’re running, or challenge you’re facing, Searidge Technologies has the right model for you.