Paris-Orly Airport

Demonstrating a Hybrid Digital Tower solution


Searidge has worked with DSNA on implementing a hybrid digital tower solution at Paris-Orly airport.

This Hybrid Digital Tower solution involves enhancing the physical, traditional tower environment with an array of additional tools. Air traffic controllers still manage traffic by looking out of the window, as they did previously, but now they each have their own personal viewing screens to zone in on whatever part of the airfield they’re working on.


Operated since March 1966, the Paris-Orly control tower underwent some important construction works, with the aim of renewing the overall infrastructure. During the construction works, the controllers were providing navigation services from a lower-level platform, which negatively impacted the controller’s line of sight.


The Searidge digital tower solution at Paris Orly airport provides controllers with improved visualisation of identified blind spot areas. The controller can bring the runway holding point directly to them, while the ground controller can get a better view of a particular stand while an aircraft pushes back.

The system includes:

  • Multi presentation of the aerodrome by a distributed camera system
  • 4 customised controller working positions
  • Full redundancy of key components ensuring high availability
  • Customised overlays of gate information and identified areas


The proposed solution met all the visualization requirements set by the controllers. The system allowed the controllers to maintain the same operational service level through the followings:

  • Remote surveillance via ATC-Grade Video
  • Improved visualization
  • Target tracking via PTZ (manual and automatic)
  • Archiving and replay