Our Story

From the ground up

In its early years, Searidge’s corporate headquarters was an Ottawa west-end coffee shop

Founded in 2006 by two local entrepreneurs armed with a vision, passion and a strong entrepreneurial drive, they grew the Searidge team one employee at a time.

Hear from our co-founder and CEO about the Searidge Journey

Innovating air traffic

They created a strong, dedicated team that was doing amazing things in a highly regulated, risk averse industry. This small but powerful company was instrumental in driving the concept that remotely managing air traffic control services was a real possibility. Searidge was deploying technology at airports around the world, showing the power of video and analytics to improve safety and efficiency of airport operations.

A proven track record

We have worked exclusively with Airports and Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) worldwide for over 15 years and pride ourselves on our “first of” track record including the first to have an operational video system in an air traffic control tower and first to introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) for air traffic control and airport efficiency.

Where We Are Today

Fast forward to today, with technology at over 40 sites in 25 countries, we are a global leader and preferred partner for Digital Towers and Advanced Airport solutions. Through operational enhancements, collaboration, AI and automation, our team helps our customers proactively transform the way they offer and deliver services to meet changing demands.

Searidge is now owned by NATS (UK), a tier one ANSP, and continues to operate as an independent business. We are fortunate to still have the majority of our early employees still with us – still dedicated to our joint vision of building a profitable Ottawa-based business whose innovative spirit and proven technology is positively impacting the air traffic management industry around the globe.