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What’s Going On @ Searidge

New Press Release: OIAA and Searidge Technologies partner to Advance Airport Operations with AI

OIAA and Searidge Technologies have entered into a strategic collaboration to conduct an extensive nine-month demonstration of Searidge’s Smart Stand at the Ottawa International Airport.

Upcoming Event: SMART Airport & Regions Conference and Exhibition

Join us July 10-12 at booth 2a to discover how the Searidge digital platform enables a converged environment improving collaboration, efficiency and safety.

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Digital Towers

One Size Does Not Fit All

No one type of digital tower can meet all the different needs of an airport. That’s why Searidge has created five models, each designed to address a different challenge, all operating on the same software platform

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Our Technology Platform

Searidge’s open technology Platform is enabling a digital ecosystem where data converges and is harnessed to provide benefits to airports and ANSPs.

Searidge Platform

Digital Airport Solutions

On their digital transformation journey, airports are leveraging data and technology (e.g. AI) to optimise all sorts of processes across the full range of operations.

Digital Airports