Searidge Airport Surface Display

A Powerful Surveillance System for Any Budget

Airports of all sizes can benefit from the same surface management systems that have traditionally only been accessible to large hub airports with extensive surveillance sensor equipment, larger operating budgets, or both. With a focus on creating innovative solutions, Searidge Technologies removes those barriers to entry through its Airport Surface Display (ASD), the first system to fuse essential air and ground operational data at a cost-effective price.



Airport Surface Display

 The Searidge ASD incorporates multiple data sources, including SWIM, ADS-B and vehicle transponders to create a comprehensive surveillance picture by presenting real-time aircraft and vehicle targets in an intuitive map display. Real-time weather information, NOTAMs and user-configurable alerts complete the list of standard features that are offered without the need for any pre-existing surveillance sensors.


      Integration of multiple data sources into an intuitive map display

      Multiple display filters and user-customization options

      Precise aircraft and vehicle positional data in the air and on the ground

      Real-time weather and NOTAM updates

      User configurable alerts

      Easy-to-install ADS-B receivers and vehicle transponders

      Small form-factor devices for quick and easy installations


      Provides airports and airlines with a cost-effective surface management system

      Enhances situational awareness with a complete surveillance picture of any airport

      Safely increases operational performance

      Proactively manages surface traffic with configurable user alerts

      No construction or pre-existing surveillance infrastructure required

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