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Weather Information System, Nakusp Airport

Nakusp Airport

Nakusp Airport is a private airport, located in the Arrow Lakes area of West Kootenays, British Columbia. The airport services air evacuations to the Arrow Lakes Hospital, Emergency Medical Center and private tourist activities, like heli-skiing.


The Arrow Lakes area is a geographically remote, large, and mountainous region noted for its variable, often inclement weather. At the time of an emergency call for air evacuation pilots need to make fly/no fly decisions. If they cannot fly, a ground ambulance is dispatched, adding precious time to patient transfer. The challenge is to reduce the time it takes to make fly/no fly decisions, while increasing the level of safety in emergency air medical operations.

The Solution
The Solution

The Searidge Weather Information System provides pilots with customized weather data to assist them in making timely weather- related decisions with confidence. Strategically placed cameras alongside the destination runway give pilots access to live images and weather updates, clear visibility reference images (for comparison), and images from the previous hour, helpful in determining if a storm is moving in. Real-time information such as altimeter, visibility, and temperature values via a web-based display help pilots make timely and safety-sensitive decisions.

Status: Operational

The system is in operation and regularly helps pilots make fly/no fly decisions at the time of an emergency call for air evacuation.


  • Fast access to live weather data, with constant updating of video imaging
  • Multiple camera views to provide prevailing visibility
  • Real-time visibility alerts
  • Enhanced ability for pilots to make confident time sensitive decisions
  • Optimize capacity of emergency calls for air evacuation
  • Flight planning accuracy, increasing safety