Airport Solutions: Case Study

The Clarity You Need

Remote Tower Services (RTS), Budapest Airport

HungaroControl is one of the most successful state-owned companies in Hungary. They provide air navigation services in the Hungarian airspace and (on a NATO assignment) the upper airspace over Kosovo, train air control personnel and conduct air navigation research and development.


With air traffic levels forecasted to double by 2020, HungaroControl is proactively looking to introduce remote services to help them tend to the future growth and associated challenges.

The Solution
The Solution

The Searidge Remote Tower solution will be implemented in a medium-sized airport environment, providing controllers with a live, panoramic stitched view of both runways and the apron area at Budapest Airport (BUD). The air traffic control information will be presented on a customized video wall that will incorporate a fully tailored human machine interface. In addition, the integration of Searidge’s advanced video processing system and Indra Navia’s Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) will provide seamless radar coverage, customized data overlays and automated functionality such as target auto-follow.

Status: Project Currently Underway

The system is expected to be in operation mid-2016.


  • Provide required OTW (out-the-window) view presentation + binocular control replacement to enable the ATCO to meet ICAO Doc 4444 requirements for visual surveillance
  • Ensure initial and life cycle costs support the business case (this includes accounting for the cost of communication infrastructure, staffing and system support and maintenance)
  • Meet both unique site and user specific operational and functional requirements
  • Minimally impact existing procedures and ATCO licensing
  • Remote and integrate with other critical systems and data
  • Prioritize and address human factors in order to ensure user adoption
  • Remote Tower Centre and working position console design