Digital Tower

The Future of Air Traffic Control



Digital Airport Transformation

On their digital transformation journey, airports are leveraging Big Data to optimise all sorts of processes across the full range of operations. The Digital Tower harnesses the power of ATM data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance resilience, capacity and efficiency. Airports worldwide are recognising the benefits of this approach and are making significant advancements in the deployment of Digital Towers as a key building block in the airport transformation.

The reality is that a Digital Tower can be whatever an airport needs it to be – from a turnkey solution that replicates operations more cost-efficiently, to something underpinned by industry-leading AI that addresses complex and specific operational challenges. Almost anything is possible if we allow ourselves to explore what this technology is really capable of.

Searidge: Leading the Way 

Searidge has been providing remote applications and remote tower services for over ten years. We spent the early years convincing customers that this was the future of air traffic management. It was a long, hard road, but today Searidge has successfully proven its vision and technology with some of the largest remote/digital deployments and projects in the industry.

Using a flexible platform that offers a variety of proven, best-in class technologies – each specifically selected and tailored to best support the customer’s operational requirements, site and constraints. Our Digital Tower platform optimizes functionality and efficiency for airports worldwide. We can easily integrate our software with the client’s existing systems and customize their hardware, work environment, and user interface to meet their distinctive needs. Our technology approach is proven by its adoption by Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United Kingdom to support their respective programs and operational requirements.


Most Advanced Digital Tower Solution 

  • Flexible Technology Platform
  • First Certified Mid-Size Remote Tower
  • Largest DT projects: Singapore, Hong-Kong, United Kingdom, Australia
  • Panoramic Views
  • Most Advanced Video Stitching/Processing
  • 3D Map with Augmented Reality
  • AI-Enhanced Tracking and Detection
  • Intuitive HMI – ICWP
  • Flexible Display Configuration
  • Extensive ATC & Airport System Integration Experience
  • Support for Multiple Concepts of Operations
  • Largest Number of Global Users
  • Support from Tender to Certification


Global Acceptance and Adoption


The Undeniable Benefits

Resilience: contingency in case of unplanned outage of main ATC facility, mitigates the risk of weather-induced restrictions.

Capacity: Opportunities of digital “smart” tower to provide additional capacity, either through runway optimisation or improved visual surveillance of operational areas, increasing throughput.

Cybersecurity: Digital tower enables the implementation of real-time cyber threat detection and response capability and robust remote access controls.

Airport expansion: Supports airport expansion by providing operational surveillance of new runways without the need to build a new ATC tower.

Situational awareness: With multiple data sources integrated to provide a comprehensive/intuitive heads-up display, Controllers are given additional tools to make more informed decisions that will increase safety and efficiency of the airport.

Cost Savings: a digital tower is a cost effective alternative to building a new ATC tower. Recent tower builds: Las Vegas tower total cost coming in over $110 million, and the SFO tower $151 million.


First Choice for Airports Big and Small
From international hubs to small regional airports; from tender to certification, Searidge provides end-to-end support for your Digital tower project.