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Searidge develops market-leading technology for a safety-critical environment with the goal of making innovation operational. Like our innovative technology we have a unique approach to development and deployment that leads to successful use of market-leading technology in the field.

The core elements of our approach include the involvement of key stakeholders, our development process and our dedication to quality and accountability. Fundamental to our approach is our belief that the closer we are to the end user the greater chance of success, particularly when deploying innovation. Searidge works to involve key stakeholders in every aspect of the process, from initial requirements to live deployment. To support this we have adopted a spiral development process (vs. waterfall process) that is very iterative and allows customers to feed into the process at various stages of development. We also involve our staff in the full lifecycle development of a feature, which supports our commitment to quality (ISO 9001:2015) and accountability to our customers.


Unlike the developmental and static approach of our competitors, our approach to getting innovation operational is ground breaking, adaptable, and harbours no expectations for clients to lock into a long-term investment. We have architected our solutions to be open, modular, hardware/platform agnostic and adaptive allowing our customers complete freedom and flexibility to leverage existing infrastructure and future-proof their investments for growth and change.

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Our ability to create solutions is built from skill in exploring the different angles and sides to every problem. By taking a closer look at what is happening beneath the surface, we are able to develop a much more comprehensive solution to our clients’ most pressing surface management challenges.

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We have created a technology platform that allows our clients to select from a comprehensive list of features to create a custom solution to their surface management challenges. Working closely with our customers to understand all aspects of their business and feeding their inputs into our development process results in a highly-tailored solution that supports their concept of operation and facilitates the acceptance and deployment of the technology in their environment.