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Increasing Efficiency, Safety & Security on the Ground

Economic and environmental pressures, demand for improved service and need for effective cost management practices are driving air navigation services providers (ANSPs) to explore ways of improving safety and efficiency of their operations.

Recognizing the objectives and hurdles faced by ANSPs, we are dedicated to improving the world of airport surface management with innovative technology. As your partner, we go beyond solving your toughest challenges – we provide market-leading video platforms, extensive engineering know-how, custom integration and information management, to streamline your operation and position your airport to easily adapt and grow.

Low-Cost Ground Surveillance

Based on a distributed set of non-cooperative sensors that are strategically installed at various points throughout the airport surface, we are able to detect all surface traffic regardless of on-board equipage and provide real-time position data to a controller working position. The camera views are presented in a single display, allowing the controller to see all the ground traffic in an intuitive one-look view, rather than having to scan multiple CCTV screens. This solution is ideal for smaller airports looking for a viable alternative to traditional radar such as ASDE-X and A-SMGCS.

Remote Tower Services

Our Remote Tower Services (RTS) offerings are built using our flexible technology platform that allows us to select from a variety of proven technologies to best support your airport and operation’s unique requirements and constraints.  We customize your hardware, work environments, user interface, and integrate with existing systems to meet your distinctive needs. We can support any of your remote challenges including remote control of: single or multiple runways, apron management and AFIS. Learn more.

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Remote Runway Monitoring

A valuable solution for airports looking to increase situational awareness in areas difficult to see due to the geographical layout of the airport, expansion or other reasons. Using high definition video sensors, the Searidge Remote Runway Monitoring system provides controllers with a live view of activity in the monitored area to safely and efficiently manage surface operations. It also enables stakeholders to accommodate growth and maximize valuable airport real estate.

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ASDE-X & A-SMGCS Augmentation

This solution compliments an existing surface movement radar or MLAT to provide a cost-effective, real-time view of blind spots, coverage gaps, and hot spots. Our non-cooperative surveillance system outputs surface movement reports in ASTERIX format for seamless integration with existing systems. Detection and tracking data can be displayed on a stand-alone Human Machine Interface (HMI), or fused with ASDE-X and A-SMGCS via a fusion processor to effectively fill in the blind areas, or gaps to help realize the full potential of the ANSP and/or airport’s investment.

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Tower Blind-Spot Coverage

We seamlessly stitches together multiple camera views from strategically placed cameras throughout the airport surface to give controllers full visual confirmation in areas that are remote or difficult to see. The fully customizable user interface enables users to tailor the system to their distinctive needs.

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Weather Information System

The Searidge Weather Information System uses high definition cameras and weather sensors to measure, calculate and display local weather data to aviation meteorology service organizations. The system helps to promote flight safety by providing live images and real-time information such as altimeter, visibility, and temperature values via a web based display; helping them make very timely and safety sensitive decisions.

Runway Incursion Monitoring and Collision Avoidance System

The Searidge Runway Incursion Monitoring and Collision Avoidance System (RIMCAS) is a localized system based on intelligent video that is reliable, accurate, and scalable. High camera frame rates allow for rapid calculation of precise location and velocity such that incursions can be detected, or even predicted, in real-time, and alerts can be generated before an incursion takes place.

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Approach Monitoring

Provides high definition observation of aircraft on final approach. The software enables integration with airborne surveillance sources such as Airborne Radar, WAM and ADS-B to provide enhanced tracking of aircraft and relevant flight plan data to aid controllers in the provision of air traffic services. Five international ANSPs have selected the technology to support a variety of operational requirements, including to: support the SESAR Remote Tower requirement to detect and recognize aircraft on final approach; enhance visibility to allow controllers to observe aircraft earlier, especially in hazy conditions; and to confirm landing gear is extended and the aircraft is landing on the centre line.

Case Studies

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    First Certified Medium-Capacity Remote Tower: Budapest International Airport (BUD)

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    Remote Apron Management, Malta International Airport