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With increasing costs and demand for better, faster service; it is crucial for operators to improve safety and efficiency at their airports. Recognizing the objectives and hurdles faced by Airports, we are dedicated to improving the world of airport surface management. As your partner, we go beyond solving your toughest challenges – we provide market-leading video platforms, extensive engineering know-how, custom integration and information management, to streamline your operation and position your airport to easily adapt and grow.

Gate Occupancy

Our Gate Occupancy system provides detection, tracking, and visual alerting of aircrafts that enter/exit the gate area. The system continuously monitors and processes the gate status, recording when an aircraft occupies the gate. Gate statistics like arrival, parking and departure times assist with day-to-day tasks such billing, gate usage, scheduling and management. The records are video archived for billing discrepancy and incident review.

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Airport Traffic Lighting Control

A semi-automated system that operates in all-weather conditions and offers valuable data including real-time vehicle tracking and alerting, giving operators a tool to assist them in making timely traffic management decisions. As a dedicated source for live traffic information, the solution helps prevent incursions while ensuring efficient throughput.

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Remote Apron Control

By seamlessly stitching multiple camera views together, we can provide airport operators with a live panoramic view of one or multiple geographically dispersed aprons, de-icing pads, and aircraft parking areas. The solution eliminates the need to be physically looking out of the window to see live traffic activity, and instead allows for a centralized operations centre approach, which can free-up valuable human resources and real-estate, and increase throughput as airport operations personnel can be co-located in one cohesive unit.

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Automated Runway Lighting

A smart solution that monitors runways and adjoining taxiways. With all-weather performance sensors and based on a predefined set of rules, the lights automatically turn on and off as required by procedure. Through an adaptation and training process and use of advanced video analytics algorithms, the system can “learn” the local traffic patterns such that the automated control functions adhere to the operational rules with a high degree of confidence that is expected of ATC-grade systems.

Remote De-icing

The Searidge Remote De-icing solution enables the automation of one or multiple de-icing pads. Leveraging thermal cameras, we provide live aircraft detection and positioning details to alert pilots of times when they can safely enter/exit the de-icing pad. De-icing operators can monitor multiple de-icing pads remotely with the use of our advanced video processing and high definition sensors, resulting in more efficient operations and better allocation of resources.

Perimeter Protection and Intrusion Detection

A scalable system that automatically monitors and depicts all targets in the area of interest to the security personnel in real-world LAT/LONG positions on an intuitive 2-D map display. Rather than having to continuously and simultaneously look at and scan numerous CCTV screens for possible intrusions, the system produces audible and visual alerts to the security operator to help ensure no intrusions go undetected. All video and map view data is recorded and archived to be accessed for incident review, investigations, and training.

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