Remote Apron Control Tower

You are looking to: 1) Replace your existing apron tower(s) with a central remote tower center or 2) Consolidate operations of multiple apron towers into a single main apron tower (during off-peak operations or more permanently), or 3) Alleviate having to construct a new apron tower for a newly constructed apron areas.

As your Remote Tower partner, we will address your complex requirements with an innovative, flexible approach and deliver a customized solution to successfully meet your current and long-term goals.

Customer Requirements:
  • Provides complete and fully customized coverage of apron and terminal areas.
  • Provides an enhanced OTW view presentation and binocular control.
  • Meets both unique site and user specific requirements.
  • Minimally impacts existing procedures and controller licensing.
  • Prioritizes and addresses human factors in order to ensure user adoption.
  • Includes Visual Control Room and controller working position console design.
  • Integrates with existing CNS/ATM, Airport (i.e. AODB, ground lighting) and Airline (i.e. gate planning, scheduling) systems.
Our Unique Value:
  • Flexible coverage options: OTW ranging from 90° to 360° field of view
    • Multiple OTW views, deployed where required
    • Multiple PTZ cameras (binoculars)
  • Flexible display options:
    • Large: centralized control room to Small: integration into existing Apron Tower Cab and Controller Working Positions (CWPs)
    • Unlimited number of working positions
  • Ability to consolidate multiple positions into a single position, depending on time of day and traffic density
  • Ability to shutdown auxiliary/smaller apron towers (where multiple exist) and continue operations from a single apron tower
  • Open architecture and industry standard interfaces
  • Flexibility for system to expand with airport needs (e.g. future expansion of apron areas, expansion of working positions to deal with increased traffic, etc.)
Additional Functionality
  • Integration with airport systems such as AODB, ground lighting systems, FIDS, billing systems
  • If no surface surveillance technologies exist on apron (only in movement areas), tracking can be extended to gate (ASTERIX)
  • Advanced-Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) gap filling
  • Apron management applications: gate automation (metering, accurate block on/off times, real-time pushback notifications, etc.)
  • Enabling Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) through intelligent video surface management applications and integration

Case Studies

  • +

    Remote Surface Management & Zone Occupancy, Dubai International Airport

  • +

    Remote Tower Services (RTS), Budapest Airport

  • +

    Remote Video for Line-of-Sight Issues, London International Airport

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