Remote AFIS (Advisory Service)

You are looking to 1) Replace your brick and mortar tower building with video technology to enable the provision of remote Aerodrome Flight Information Services (AFIS), further consolidating service delivery for multiple sites into a single location, or 2) Provide AFIS services at location which can not justify building brick and mortar towers.

As your Remote Tower partner, we will address your complex requirements with an innovative, flexible approach and deliver a customized solution to successfully meet your current and long-term goals.

Customer Requirements:
  • Offers a scaled-down remote tower solution to provide AFIS and meet local business case.
  • Provides visual surveillance to provide ground control to vehicles and ensure the status of the runway; to provide the most reliable advisory information to pilots.
  • Meets both unique site and user specific operational and functional requirements.
  • Addresses human factors in order to ensure user adoption.
Our Unique Value:
  • Offer a simpler, lower cost solution with a quicker implementation (than full remote tower service)
  • Remote AFIS is based on same platform as our full remote tower solution with upgrade path
  • System based on proven remote tower technology, operational today on 3 continents, with the largest number of global users
  • Site and user specific system adaptation: hardware, software and integration
  • First-class video Human Machine Interface (HMI): powerful and flexible
  • Hardware agnostic architecture to adapt to client requirements. Enables system to leverage latest camera and display technology, such as 4K/Ultra HD
Additional Functionality
  • Upgrade to full remote control of single or multiple runways

Case Studies

  • +

    Remote Surface Management & Zone Occupancy, Dubai International Airport

  • +

    Remote Tower Services (RTS), Budapest Airport

  • +

    Remote Video for Line-of-Sight Issues, London International Airport

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