Multi-Remote Tower Concept of Operation

The concept of multiple remote towers can further maximize the cost savings realized through the implementation of Remote Tower services. The basic notion of the concept is for a single Air Traffic Control Officer (ATCO) to deliver control services to multiple airports simultaneously from a single working position.

Currently the concept is not completely proven or defined, and Searidge understands that the multiple remote tower concept of operation will differ in terms of requirements and implementation for each airport and organization. The technological solution will therefore need to be flexible and address the unique factors of each customer.
Customer Requirements:

Apart from safely and effectively providing visual surveillance of multiple airports to a single ATCO, the following are some of the biggest challenges that will need to be addressed through technology:

  • Managing workload of controllers to ensure minimal stress levels
  • Developing a new ATCO workflow, and the role of remote tower technology and integration with ATM systems
  • Addressing off nominal events, and dynamics of workload balancing between multiple working positions
  • Implementation of video safety nets and situational awareness tools that will increase the efficiency of performing ATCO tasks
Our Unique Value:

The most integral component for a successful remote tower concept is the Human Machine Interface (HMI). Searidge offers the most powerful and versatile video HMI in the industry. This coupled with our  expertise in video/ATM integration and suite of proven, intelligent video-based applications positions the Searidge Remote Tower platform as the optimal choice for the development & testing, customization and implementation of multi-remote tower service provision.

Case Studies

  • +

    Remote Surface Management & Zone Occupancy, Dubai International Airport

  • +

    Remote Tower Services (RTS), Budapest Airport

  • +

    Remote Video for Line-of-Sight Issues, London International Airport

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