High Volume, Multi-Runway Remote / Contingency Tower

You are looking to 1) Develop a contingency plan for unforeseen tower closures, or 2) Replace local brick and mortar tower with remote tower technology.

As your Remote Tower partner, we will address your complex requirements with an innovative, flexible approach and deliver a customized solution to successfully meet your current and long-term goals.
Customer Requirements:
  • Adapt remote tower technology to meet the specific needs of a larger airport environment:
    • Geographical size
    • Traffic complexity
    • Integration with Air Traffic Control Officer (ATCO) working position
    • Multiple ATCO roles and positions: responsible for different parts of the operation, need to collapse and expand number of positions depending on traffic density
  • Supports various concepts of operation (i.e. multiple ATCO roles and positions, role consolidation during off-peak, etc.).
  • Integrates with existing CNS/ATM/Airport systems.
  • Provides an enhanced OTW view presentation and binocular control replacement (vs. traditional tower).
  • Ensures initial and life cycle costs support the business case.
  • Meets both unique site and user-specific, operational and functional requirements.
  • Minimally impacts existing procedures and ATCO licensing.
  • Prioritizes and addresses human factors in order to ensure user adoption.
Our Unique Value:
  • Truly scalable system in terms of coverage and display concepts
  • Distributed OTW coverage concept: meet & surpass surveillance requirements for any size aerodrome
  • Customized RTC design: mix of display concepts including video wall, CWP-centric video displays integrated into consoles
  • Ability to expand and collapse user roles (specific to CWP and area of responsibility), based on various modes of operation
  • System agnostic architecture with open source integration platform enabling low-cost integration of systems (supporting latest trends of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA))
  • Exiting interfaces using industry standard protocols (ASTERIX, ADEXP, XML, ASCII, METAR/SPECI /BUFR, etc.)
Additional Functionality

Enhancement to existing surveillance systems:

  • Runway Incursion Monitoring and Collision Avoidance System (RIMCAS) augmentation to maximize positive detection & minimize false alarms
  • Advanced-Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) gap filling
  • Approach monitoring
  • Real-time push-back notifications
  • Customized heads-up display and automation features

Case Studies

  • +

    Remote Surface Management & Zone Occupancy, Dubai International Airport

  • +

    Remote Tower Services (RTS), Budapest Airport

  • +

    Remote Video for Line-of-Sight Issues, London International Airport

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