Searidge Solves Tower Line of Sight Issues at Azerbaijan Airport 

System provides remote visibility in areas obstructed due to airport redesign

Ottawa, Canada – February 16, 2016

Searidge Technologies, global provider of Remote Tower and airport surface optimization solutions to Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) and airports, announced that their Tower Visibility Solution is in operation at Heydar Aliyev International Airport (GYD).

Azerbaijan Air Navigation Services (AZANS) identified that their airport expansion plans for GYD would cause line of sight obstructions from the Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower. Critical areas affected included a high-speed taxiway and a portion of the terminal and cargo areas. In anticipation of visibility challenges, AZANS proactively implemented the Searidge solution in 2013, in advance of the construction. The system is still currently in operation and functionality has been expanded to enhance situational awareness at the airport.

“We were able to work with the Searidge team to quickly implement an operational solution before construction impacted our controllers’ visibility,” says Farhan Guliyev, Head of Development, AZANS. “We experienced immediate benefit from the technology, including enhanced situational awareness during construction and today we continue to use the system to augment and improve our view of the airport surface.”

By strategically placing visible cameras in the identified areas, the system continuously monitors and presents real-time panoramic views to the controllers’ existing working position. The system expansion included the addition of a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera for enhanced views, automated zoom and position functionality; and several new features including information overlays such as gate labels.

“The goal of our technology is to provide our customers’ “eyes” in areas they cannot see,” says Pat Urbanek, Product Manager, Searidge Technologies. “For AZANS, we successfully delivered a system that solved an immediate problem for the airport but has subsequently shown its applicability and usefulness on a day-to-day basis to improve efficiency and safety on the ground.”

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