Searidge Introduces Aimee – Artificial Intelligence Platform for ATM

Advanced AI Capabilities to Improve Aviation Safety and Operational Efficiency

Madrid, Spain – March 7th, 2017

World ATM Congress, Stand 826. Searidge Technologies, global provider of Remote Tower and airport surface optimization solutions to Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) and airports today unveiled Aimee, an advanced neural network framework for development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) based solutions for Air Traffic Control and airport efficiency.

Searidge has been working with artificial intelligence for several years with its’ vision processing/remote tower technology. Leveraging this experience into the development of Aimee and extending the platform to include new functional areas has laid the foundation for an exciting new era in ATM technology. Aimee has been developed to greatly simplify the configuration and training of neural networks with large and complex data sets; to allow the continuous evaluation and testing of output, and most importantly, to predict and certify performance within a safety critical context.

Aimee has four key functional areas: Computer Vision Processing (Remote/Digital Tower Video); Natural Language Processing (Controller-Pilot Radio Telephony); Flight Data/Surveillance Processing and Analysis; Weather Processing. Aimee allows ATC and airport stakeholders to leverage the deep learning in each of these functional areas to build robust and safe AI-powered applications.

“Artificial Intelligence is enabling a new tier of applications across all of aviation and with Aimee we are making it easy for our customers to conceive, develop and implement new operational solutions that enhance safety and improve efficiency,” said Alex Sauriol, CTO, Searidge Technologies. “Along with our commitment to open standards and interoperability, we hope Aimee can help with a new generation of challenges and opportunities from drone safety and security to digital towers and global ADS-B.”

Join Searidge CTO, Alex Sauriol at World ATM Congress (Madrid), March 7 @ 15:15 p.m. in the Frequentis Arena to hear about “Artificial Intelligence Innovation in Air Traffic Management