EUROCAE –Working Group 100- Remote and Virtual Towers Working Group
Searidge is one of approximately 50 member organizations that make up the European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment (EUROCAE) Working Group 100. As part of the supplier sub-group, Searidge works with co-members to develop the technical specifications of the Minimum Aviation System Performance Specifications (MASP) for Remote Virtual Towers (RVT). The MASP will be a plug-in into EASA’s safety regulations for remote towers and any future ICAO regulations.

Searidge also co-chairs the newly created Artificial Intelligence (AI) working Group (WG-114). The primary scope of this group is to prepare technical standards, guides and any other material required to support the development of systems and the certification of aeronautical systems implementing AI-technologies.



Searidge is a Technical Advisor for ICAO RT ATMOPS Group.


Searidge is a regular contributor to International Cooperation on Airport Surveillance (ICAS) meetings, focusing on remote towers and other intelligent video applications that improve the safety and efficiency of airport and tower operations.


SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU)
Searidge is part of a consortium of companies led by ENAV, the Italian ANSP, which is working on a new SJU large-scale demonstration project called RACOON (Remote Airport Concept of Operation). The project aims to demonstrate in an operational environment the combination of the two concepts, Remote Tower and Procedures Approach Satellite (RNAV).


Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) SIGGRAPH’s mission is to foster and celebrate innovation in Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques. As a member since 2013, Searidge actively contributes and participates in the groups’ many conferences and programs to connect and learn from researchers around the world.


Searidge is a regular speaker and contributor to the Air Traffic Control Associations’ (ATCA) various conferences and events.