Airport Solutions: Case Study

The Clarity You Need

Remote Video for Line-of-Sight Issues, London International Airport

London International Airport

The Greater London International Airport Authority (GLIAA) operates Canada’s 11th busiest airport, London International Airport (YXU). A key success factor for YXU is a diversified revenue base with a foundation built on efficient operations and low fees for businesses operating at the Airport.


At YXU, the limited height of the air traffic control tower and the steady pace of pilots training with small aircraft at a nearby flight school contribute to a non-optimal level of visibility of the controlled airport areas.

The Solution
The Solution
Digital video sensors were strategically placed throughout the airport surface to give controllers full visual confirmation in areas that were difficult to see. The sensor views are stitched together to provide a simulated panoramic out-of-the window view; and the data it provides to users is safe, reliable and high fidelity. The Searidge system enables YXU Air Traffic Control Officers (ATCOs) to have a clear perception of the entire airport surface. With multiple view options and zoom features, line-of-sight and blind-spot issues are eliminated, and enable controllers to make critical decisions such as confirming the correct aircraft sequence.
Status: Operational
YXU ATCOsare currently using system to enhance their ability to make surface management decisions.

  • Seamless panoramic view of coverage area including taxiways, runways and thresholds
  • Elimination of line-of-sight and blind-spot issues
  • Increase safety and efficiency of airport and ATC operations
  • Live view of traffic via customized Human Machine Interface (HMI) with built-in permission settings
  • Modular, flexible solution that can accommodate future needs
  • Video archiving for incident review, training