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Airports and Air Navigation Services Providers (ANSPs) use ground surveillance systems to facilitate the safe and expeditious flow of traffic in and around an airport and to help mitigate runway incursions. These systems are referred to as Airport Surface Detection Equipment (ASDE) and are typically based on two technologies: Surface Movement Radar (SMR) and Multilateration (MLAT).

Existing ASDE systems continue to play a pivotal role in surface management, however the availability of intelligent video now allows airports and ANSPs to maximize their investment and cost effectively address various shortcomings of existing systems including line-of-sight limitations, scalability, and the requirement of all aircraft and vehicles to be transponder equipped.

Intelligent video-based surface management offers a cost effective solution that can operate as a standalone system or be used to complement existing ASDE. Using commercial off the shelf hardware, this type of system provides Air Traffic Control (ATC)-grade video to the tower with the intelligence of detection, positioning, classification and tracking of all non-cooperative targets on an airport surface.

Bringing ATC Solutions to Market for a Decade

Searidge Technologies is a leading technology innovator providing collaborative surface management services and solutions to airports and Air Navigation Service providers (ANSPs) worldwide. Our unique blend of experience in airport operations and Air Traffic Control (ATC) allows us to develop and integrate modern technology solutions that improve the safety and efficiency of airport surface operations.

Leveraging our deep understanding of the market, extensive integration experience, and market-leading intelligent video platforms uniquely positions us to solve our customers’ most pressing surface management challenges such as: remote services, apron management, traffic lighting control, and runway monitoring. Our solutions have been adopted by some of the most technology-advanced airports and ANSPs throughout Europe, the Middle East and North America.

Partnering for Success

In June 2010, NAV CANADA purchased majority interest in Searidge Technologies.

NAV CANADA is Canada’s privatized provider of civil air navigation services, with 5,000 employees and 11.7 million aircraft movements per year. It is the second largest Air Navigation Service Provider in the world. NAV CANADA places a strong value on innovation, and as such invests in the order of (CDN) $130M per year in new systems, infrastructure and technology development.

This partnership allows Searidge to leverage NAV CANADA's extensive tools and operational capabilities to improve its engineering process and accelerate delivery of new features and functionality – a benefit to both customers and partners.



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